Upper Cervical Chiropractic – Research & Benefits

Hi, this is Tim Flory and today we're going to talk about understanding the differences of upper cervical chiropractic techniques.

First, let's discuss what the upper cervical is. The upper cervical area is the upper neck area, where it meets the base of the skull. Only a small percentage of chiropractors do special training in this area, focusing on its analysis and correction. Most of the time a misalignment in this area causes no pain initially, but rather like a small cavity, it causes problems to develop over time.

If left uncorrected, the entire spine begins to shift from its normal alignment. This is because the alignment of the top bone, the atlas bone, controls the alignment of the entire spine. This disconnect between the brain and the body, over the nerves, can cause many types of problems. Its correction helps the body to restore itself naturally. Now that you know the immense importance of the atlas, let's talk about the different approaches that you may or may not have heard of.

So there are several approaches. First, there's Blair, which is the primary articular approach to upper cervical. There are Grostic and Toggle Recoil Techniques, which are important historical steps in the evolution of upper cervical chiropractic. There's also something called Quantum Spinal Mechanics. Then there is Atlas Profilax which isn't even practiced by licensed healthcare professionals.

Graphic representation of upper cervical chiropractic symptoms

There's Atlas Orthogonal, Advanced Orthogonal, & Orthospinology, all of which spun off of the Grostic work. And then there's Kale and Knee Chest, both of which came from Dr. Kales original work. In fact, all types of chiropractors will adjust your atlas, but very few have the training necessary to obtain precision correction.

And to my last point, we have NUCCA. We've talked about the history of NUCCA in some of our previous videos. So what is it that makes NUCCA the best choice for upper cervical care? I'll be honest, I'm biased not only because NUCCA was able to free me from a life of disabling migraine headaches, but also because with over 2000 cases I've seen remarkable results. Remarkable long term results with my own patients, so NUCCA has earned my respect and dedication for many reasons.

You see the NUCCA correction is tailored specifically to you, it's not just a one size fits all technique. Each person has had their own unique accidents and injuries, so your atlas misalignment is also unique to you just like your thumbprint. Your correction must be individualized. This hyper-precision is also seen in the correction results due to x-ray's taken both before and after.

There are actually many ways that you can get temporary relief, but in order to get long lasting results, you must get a physical structural correction.

Illustration of upper cervical chiropractic benefits

That being said, we don't assume or just hope you're getting better. We measure your progress due to its precision. It is also, therefore, the most gentle procedure and has zero known risks. No one in the history of NUCCA has been hurt due to the subtleness of the correction procedure. With NUCCA, we measure our success by how long you hold your atlas corrections, not by needing them all the time.

This is possible because NUCCA solves the most important problem of making sure the atlas is in place so that all the other vertebrae can follow a more stable pattern. This is due to a progressive retraining process, with the muscles getting used to the normal position of the spine again. One of the most important features of NUCCA is that we perform the procedure by hand, which means that we have real-time feedback that the correction is going as planned.

Some of the other previously mentioned procedures offer some of these same benefits, but no other chiropractic technique provides the NUCCA trifecta. The combination of being gentle, hyper-targeted and effective in addressing the underlying issues for the patient to offer a solution in establishing a better brain to body connection. Remember, upper cervical care is a great solution to many underlying health problems, but picking the wrong approach can sometimes make your problems and symptoms worse.

Now that you know the differences regarding upper cervical chiropractic, we hope that you will make an educated choice in restoring and maintaining your health for years to come. Again, my name is Tim Flory with atlas brain and spine, and if you want to know more about NUCCA and better brain to body health, just take a second to subscribe for more upper cervical chiropractic info or follow us until next time. Remember, once you start to restore your brain, you will heal your pain.


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