NUCCA – What is NUCCA & The NUCCA Technique?


So what is NUCCA Really?


NUCCA is an acronym for the national upper cervical chiropractic association. It was founded in 1966 by chiropractor Dr. Ralph Gregory and based primarily upon the work that he and Dr. John Grostic did before John Grostic's death in 1964.


This new style of an upper cervical, which means upper neck correcting procedure was taught in 1966 at the first NUCCA seminar, which was held of all places at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Monroe, Michigan, and it continues to evolve as a holistic form of healthcare today. So you're probably wondering what is upper cervical correcting?


The analysis and correction of the upper cervical spine focuses on the structural shift of a small bone where the head and neck meet, known as an atlas subluxation. Most of the time this tiny misalignment causes no pain initially, but rather like a small cavity causes problems to develop over time. This atlas subluxation distorts the signals from nerve centers within the brain to the muscles along the spine that control the position of your entire spine and pelvis.


If left uncorrected, the entire spine begins to shift from its normal alignment due to this muscular imbalance causing further problems with the nerves exiting the spine in this cascade of effects down through the spine. Starting from the top is a progressive and degenerative process.


What good can it do for the body?


NUCCA can help the body return to stability and aid the healing of injuries from a variety of ailments. It also potentially will relieve a lot of symptoms for many common conditions that are generally thought to be just as degenerative or without any known cure.


You see the practice of NUCCA both diagnoses and corrects the underlying structural imbalances in the body that are the actual cause of some of the daily pains or symptoms that you may be feeling. Even if day-to-day they are just merely covered up by over the counter or prescription medications.


NUCCA is a solution for natural healing without addictive pharmaceuticals, unneeded surgeries, and even temporary injections into the body. So, what types of symptoms, diseases, conditions, can NUCCA help offer relief for?


Although not a cure, NUCCA has great success with most types of headaches, inner ear problems like Vertigo and Meniere's, facial pain like Trigeminal Neuralgia, TMJ pain, whiplash, injuries, and concussion injuries, and problems through the spine. It also has great success with scoliosis, abnormal posture, forward head position, neurological like pain going into the arm, numbness, and tingling. Or how about the leg, irregular heart rhythms, anxiety, depression, dysfunction with the autonomic nervous system, gut dysfunction as well as many others.


How can you benefit from this hyper specialized spinal correction procedure?


Just about everyone can benefit from a NUCCA evaluation and correction if necessary, whether you're age eight or 85. Making sure that you have proper alignment and communication from the brain to the body through the spine is absolutely one of the most important things you can do for your body and your health.


Why would something so minuscule like one bone in your neck really matter?


Because the spine protects the spinal cord, and the spinal cord and nerves act as a network of roads throughout your entire body. And because it's connecting every last nerve, autonomous function, and electrical brain waves that control everything we do as a living, breathing human being. If that road is blocked or isn't clear, then just like a road full of potholes in New York City, you're going to have a really rough ride. Whether you're going 10 feet or 10 miles, it's not fun I can tell you that.


Who practices NUCCA and the NUCCA procedure?


The practice of NUCCA requires postdoctoral training. Unlike a traditional chiropractor, we don't seek to adjust or manipulate all of the segments of the spine at one time. The power of NUCCA is both a strategic study and the science of the body. It's biomechanics as well as an art that gently corrects the atlas subluxation without any thrusting or a force to the bones or the surrounding soft tissue.


In fact, there's no twisting, popping, or cracking. With NUCCA, we understand that our main goal is to gently put the atlas back into alignment, restore normal nerve function, and give the body more stability by balancing the weight of the head on top of the body. This is a position the body understands and wants to be in.


So hopefully now you know what exactly NUCCA is, what it can do, and how it can help you, friends, or your family. If you found this information helpful or if you have questions about understanding NUCCA, then please subscribe here now and to learn more about this life-changing practice.


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