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NUCCA Chiropractic Side Effects

Hi, I'm Tim Flory with Atlas Brain and Spine, and today we're going to talk about NUCCA chiropractic side effects.

In our last explanation, we talked about the power of the brain in conjunction with the spine, that is the highway of communication to the rest of our bodies. The power of a NUCCA correction will help restore our bodies to proper communication so that the healing of present injuries and even those of the past can begin. This sometimes may come in the form of perceived side effects.

Now, side effects are typically thought of as a negative response to medication, surgery, or other therapy. But in reality, a side effect is just an effect. It's the body's response, good or bad, to what's been done. The most common side effect that patients experience after their first few atlas corrections is mild discomfort, especially in the neck, but sometimes elsewhere along their spine. This happens because, with the structural correction, it stretches and challenges the muscles and ligaments to a different and better position than what they've gotten used to over the years.

Nothing a little ice can't help.

So if your spine has been injured and misaligned over time, if left uncorrected, the body must compensate. You see, the body has this internal wisdom, and if it doesn't have what it needs to heal a problem properly, then it always is trying to make the best of a bad situation. Once you begin to actually correct the spine, you can open a whole can of worms. As the spine is unwinding and nerves begin to wake up and function once again, old injuries that were never fully healed, but rather compensated for, can resurface. The body will experience these past feelings for a short period of time. Then it will heal the problem and move on. This process is known as retracing, unlike other pharmaceutical medications that directly alters the body's natural chemical response to food or activity or emotional status.

The NUCCA correction does not alter your chemical state. NUCCA  instead, gently places you back into the intended alignment so that your nervous system can naturally restore the flow of proper electrical impulses to the body. This improves many things from hormone regulation to even digestive enzymes in the body.

Another thing to mention is that everyone is different and every last patient's ailments are different, therefore no one particular feeling or experience may be identical to someone else's after a new correction. So if you happen to feel something a little bit different after a NUCCA specific correction, don't stress out. Give your body some time to understand what's going on so it can start to self adjust. This is done by training the muscles and the ligaments along the spine to properly operate.

Again, I'm Tym Flory of , and if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comment section or just follow the link in the description to see if NUCCA can restore long-term health in your life. Thank you for watching and tune in next time to learn more about how restoring your brain can heal your pain.


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