AtlasProfilax – What is AtlasPROfilax?

Hello there, my name is Tym Flory, and today we are going to dive deep into what AtlasProfilax is. What exactly is it intended to do, and is it safe? Now I realize that some of my readers may not have ever even heard of AtlasProfilax.

So what exactly is this method that claims to permanently correct to the position of the atlas in a single session In order to understand, let us first briefly go over, what is an atlas subluxation is? It is simply a structural shift of the top bone in your neck from its normal position.

This small misalignment has large potential consequences due to its location where the spinal cord meets your brain-stem. Additionally, a cascade of effects can occur down through the spine as it shifts and negatively impacts the nerves that exit the spine. Do you remember Superman actor Christopher Reeves? Well, he fractured his atlas bone and as a result, was not only paralyzed but was also living off machines for the rest of his life because of how his body was impaired.

So is the atlas important? oh yes, it's crucially important. So now that we got that out of the way, what is AtlasProfilax aiming to do? Well, they claim the atlas is important. At least they've got that right. Their approach is to use a vibrating massage tool to relax the muscles of the upper neck to allow the atlas to find its way back to its normal position.

Right in theory, however, it's wrong in application. AtlasProfilax is a registered trademark and a brand that is not held to any accountability except their own organization. The training, it lasts 15 days. Yes, you heard that right and you can even read about this on their own website.

atlas profilax technique for neck pain

Do you really want someone messing with your atlas bone, the thing that paralyzed Superman, after only 15 days of training? They aren't even required to have a doctorate level education or understand how the body works, like the effects of improperly moving the atlas.

Some AtlasProfilax side effects caused by an incorrect atlas adjustment are neck pain, headaches, dizziness and vertigo, brain fog, pinched nerves, numbness and tingling, facial pain, heart racing, high blood pressure, anxiety, nerve injury and much more. Now, some of you may have already done some research on AtlasProfilax versus NUCCA and are probably wondering about the differences between the two. First of all, how do you know who to trust with your atlas?

For one thing, NUCCA trained doctors are required to first obtain their doctoral degree becoming a doctor of Chiropractic. That includes a minimum of 4,200 hours of study with lecture and clinical experience. The only requirement for AtlasProfilax trainees is to be a natural healer. What is that exactly? I don't entirely know, but I've never seen a reputable institution with a degree program to become a doctor of natural healing. My recommendation, make sure that anyone you let touch your atlas is not an amateur.

Second, how do you know the right way to move the atlas or if your atlas is even misaligned to begin with? The NUCCA protocol has standards of care that have been derived over 50 years of clinical research. This includes using precise x-rays as the gold standard method for measuring every last detail of how your specific atlas is misaligned.

This precise measuring is critical because we have all had our own unique accidents and injuries that have caused the atlas to shift. With AtlasProfilax, you will get no x-rays. Instead, they use a generalized massage technique on the muscles around the atlas. So without knowing exactly how your atlas has shifted, how could someone possibly restore it to its normal position? It's scary, which is precisely why NUCCA requires x-rays. Third, how do you know if your atlas has been corrected to its proper position?

Woman showing atlasprofilax technique

NUCCA has a protocol to take x rays before and after your initial correction. Instead of assuming that the atlas is in a better position. And finally, how do you know whose information to trust. Well, if you've watched any videos or visit any websites about AtlasProfilax, you will notice some outrageous claims such as correcting the position of the atlas in a single session. And once the atlas is back in its anatomical position, it can never rotate again due to mechanical and anatomical reasons.

Do you recall what your mom used to say growing up? If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. In real life, any problem that exists in the human body takes time to heal. If you cut your skin, then it takes seven to 10 days for the skin to repair. If you break a bone, it takes six to eight weeks for the fracture to mend. The same thing applies to your atlas. if your atlas has been out of alignment for a while, then it is going to take some time to get it fully corrected. It's just common sense and science.

So the verdict on AtlasProfilax is that there are inherent dangers because of the pure lack of precision and attention to treating such a hypersensitive portion of your body. In fact, if you decide that you do want to give AtlasProfilax a try, then call me first. I will personally take x-rays of your atlas in my clinic before and after your AtlasProfilax session and if your atlas is truly perfectly aligned to its normal anatomical position in a single session as they claim, then the cost of the x-rays is on me.

We know that a superb brain to body connection is necessary for optimal health, and that starts with a proper atlas alignment. But, with a careless and improper diagnosis and correction, it can actually do more harm than good. Again, my name is Tym with and please take a moment to hit that subscribe button on AtlasPROfilax to get notified when we put out more videos on keeping your brain to body connection in true alignment. Because when you restore your brain, you will truly heal your pain.


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