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Looking for local nucca specialists in my area of 18017

The closest doctors to your location that are trained in the NUCCA procedure are in New York City or New Jersey. I hope that is convenient enough for you that you can get there for your care.

If it isn\\\'t, you may want to take advantage of our 2-Week Intensive program of care. This is for patients that come from other states or countries where NUCCA is not locally available to them. We spend 2 weeks focused on correcting the underlying structural and neurological problems that are contributing to your condition and send you home with self-care instructions of how to best maintain your improvements. If this is something that you are at all interested in, we\\\'d be happy to arrange a free phone consultation in order to see if it would be a good fit for you.

Let us know if you\\\'d like to arrange a consultation. Call 909-982-9100.