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Is there a high success rate in treating stress/anxiety?

Yes, we have a very high success rate with helping patients heal from their anxiety. In fact, our patients with anxiety report 50% or greater improvement in just 8 weeks and then 80% or greater improvement after 6 months of care.

The NUCCA procedure does not take away a person's stress, but it does help the brain to respond differently to the same stressors.

In addition, NUCCA doesn't treat or cure anxiety but rather it restores the brain function to be more resilient. Thus, the brain no longer overreacts to the stress in your life. The atlas vertebra has a direct effect on the balance of your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

When the atlas is out of alignment, the ANS shifts into a dominant Sympathetic mode, known as "fight or flight." Correcting the position of the atlas restores the normal balance, allowing your anxiety and even high blood pressure to resolve.