I think I have Vertigo because the room moves when I am still. Can NUCCA help with this feeling?

Based on how you describe your symptom, it certainly sounds like vertigo.

The NUCCA procedure is very effective at healing vertigo. Sometimes vertigo is caused by the brain not getting the right nerve communication from the inner ear, causing the spinning sensation when you are sitting or lying still. This distorted nerve function is very frequently caused by a structural shift of the atlas bone in the upper neck, at the craniocervical junction (where the head and neck meet).

When left uncorrected, vertigo can progress and get worse with time. Starting as random infrequent episodes, but progressing over time to daily or even constant dizziness and vertigo.

Once the atlas misalignment is corrected, nerve signals are restored and the brain can then recalibrate and heal. Viola! No more vertigo! Of course it typically takes a few weeks to heal, especially if it has been a problem for a while.