I have Occipital Neuralgia along with a herniated disk in upper cervical and arthritis in spine. Will this help ?

You have developed both neurological and biomechanical problems that are associated with a structural shift at the craniocervical junction (where the head and neck meet).

An atlas misalignment can cause irritation to the occipital nerve. We have helped many cases diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia. Our most recent case reported 80% improvement in just 8 weeks.

A properly aligned cervical spine is designed to hold a 12-pound weight (your head) up against gravity with ease. All of the discs collectively bear the weight of the head. When there is a structural shift in the neck, however, the weight of the head becomes distributed unequally and usually one or two of the lower discs will bear the brunt of the workload and become compressed, bulged, or herniated. Correcting the structural problem will alleviate the physical stress to the disc allowing the bulge to retract.

This video helps to explain the effect on the discs.